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Would you like to have your house furnished to speed up the sale of the property? Then you have come to the right place! During this period, you can rent furniture from Home Inspirations.

Interior stylists
Project developers
Private individuals

Interior Styles

With no fewer than 4 different interior styles, Home Inspirations offers an extensive package of options for your temporary interior. Choose from one of our furnishing styles and you have all the supplies you need for a complete home design!

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We give your home a unique, neutral and representative appearance. We emphasise the strengths of your home and make it attractive to potential buyers. Thanks to our styling, your home stands out amongst the rest.

Complementary services

We can also provide additional products and services for you. Hereby, optimally coordinating all aspects of your total design.

Window upholstery, Carpeting and Applying wall paint.

Why rent furniture from us?

Competitive prices, ‘Turn-key’delivery and Fast delivery.

Our advantages

Turns every house into a home


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